Science, Communication, and Community in a Warming World

For my PhD research, I worked with the Hog Island, Tomales Bay & Bodega Bay Oyster Companies to develop strategies for improving oysters' ability to withstand temperature-driven disease outbreaks.

Public Scholarship and Activism are key components of my work - I strive to clearly communicate climate and ocean science, while amplifying marginalized voices and perspectives.



Shellfish Aquaculture in Changing Ocean

As a graduate student at UC Davis, I studied the effects of warming on temperature-related disease outbreaks in California oyster farms and whether oysters can be 'primed' to tolerate stressful environmental conditions.


Public Engagement

Communicating About How Climate Change Affects The Ocean and Our Communities

I write and speak about ocean + climate science, civically engaged science & the need for justice, equity, diversity & inclusion.


What's the latest?

Recent news, research & public scholarship efforts!