Exploring How Climate Change Affects Marine Sytems and Organisms

For the past decade, I have studied how climate change is affecting various coastal ecosystems and organisms. My research is made possible through partnerships with myriad collaborators, including oyster companies, regulatory agencies, community members, and scientists spanning multiple disciplines. I firmaly believe that science is at its best and its impact is greatest when operating as a coalition.

Preparing Oysters For Disease Outbreaks in a Warmer Ocean

aerial view of an oyster lease in Tomales Bay

For my PhD research in Dr. Ted Grosholz's lab at UC Davis, I am studying how warming and the temperature-associated disease, Ostreid herpesvirus (OsHV-1) affect the farmed Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas. I'm also interested in seeing whether priming oysters to warmer temperatures and a simulated tidal cycle influences C. gigas' response to OsHV-1.

Understanding How Coastal Ecosystems Respond to Ocean Acidification

a submerged seagrass bed

Prior to my PhD, I studied how ocean acidification impacts the early life stages of the giant kelp and rhodolith physiology as well as how seagrass modulates pH levels. I also assessed whether mussel recruitment rates followed changes in oceanographic conditions, such as temperature and pH. I also monitored shifts in carbonate chemistry near an oyster farm. .

Exploring Whale Mortality in the California Current

a lone whale in the expanse of the ocean

During my PhD, I co-led a group of graduate students to synthesize available data on different causes of whale mortality within the California current to inform whale conservation policy. .


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