Ocean Acidification in Coastal Systems

Kelps, Seagrasses, Mussels, Oysters & Rhodoliths

seagrass close-up

Seagrasses as Modulators of Ocean Acidification

Seagrass beds are critical nursery habitats with the capacity to locally alter seawater carbonate chemistry.

giant kelp frond

How Ocean Acidification Affects Habitat-Forming Macrophytes

How do warming and changing ocean chemistry effect habitat-forming primary producers? And, in turn, how might they ameliorate the impacts of increase carbon dioxide levels through photosynthesis?

musssel bed

Using Bivalves To Track Ocean Acidification

As the Bodega Ocean Acidification Research (BOAR) group lab manager, I worked on several projects studying the impacts of ocean acidification on coastal organisms in California.

Publications & Chapters: Ocean Acidification

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